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.45 Ammo Box 1918

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Today I picked up this old box of ammo. All but three of the cartridges are marked "USC Co." and "18" on the headstamp. The other 3 have a "w" and "17" stamp. The box is a little ragged and the top is detached. It has a piece of OD material stapled to it, like as if it were meant to open the box more quickly. All the cartriges are still coated with a light grease. I think this is mostly 1918 ammo, with the three oddball ones being 1917. I am wondering if this was a military issue item, and where I might find three more rounds to match the others.





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There was no US "Model of 1914" pistol and no "Model of 1914" .45 ACP ammunition. Looking closely at your photograph it appears to me that the 4 in 1914 is actually a 1 that has some kind of stray mark on it making it look like a 4. Compare that "4" to the somewhat larger 4 in .45 in the line above.



Charlie Flick


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Thank you Charlie Flick. You have an excellent eye for detail. Upon closer inspection, I can see a black mark on the last '1' making it look like a '4'.


There is also a stamp on the bottom of the box that says 'Lot 838 Oct 3 1918' which I assume means it was issued in Oct of 1918.





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