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M1917 Gas Mask, Unusual Variation

New Romantic

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New Romantic

Being a US WWI Gas Mask variation collector I just bought this mask from one of my favourite online dealers. This mask is a Corrected English Model mask but with the taller black filter encountered with the earlier American Box Respirator (ABR).


The mask has glass lenses which is unusual as early US masks used celluloid lenses. The exhale valve guard is what I call the 1st Type guard found on early CEMs. The mouthpiece is same as the mouthpiece in my ABR which is slightly longer than the mouthpieces found on CEMs by half an inch. I read somewhere that one of the problems with the ABR was that it's mouthpiece was too large. It looks like I could could gag on this mouth piece, but of course I'm not going to test that out!


So is this mask a transitional model from the ABR to the CEM?


By the way are there any other US mask collectors out there? I have yet to meet any on any forum. Of course many collectors have a couple of US masks with their AEF collections, but are there any that actually seek out and study mask variations? If so I'd love to hear from you guys.


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New Romantic

Compare my new mask to the two masks pictured below.


The first mask is an American Box Respirator.


The second mask is an early variation of the Corrected English Model with celluloid lenses.



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New Romantic

Here are two photos showing the mouthpiece.


Photo 1 shows the longer mouthpiece of my new mask. This mouthpiece is also identical to the mouthpiece in my ABR.


Photo 2 shows the shorter mouthpiece on a typical CEM.



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