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Yard sale zippo


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Lady had no info on it but the price was right. :thumbsup:


1969 according to a zippo website, 21st RAC in Vietnam


21st Reconnaissance Airplane Company -- "Black Aces"


Chu Lai, Republic of Vietnam


The eyes of the Americal Division, and the 2d ARVN Division in I Corps are the "Black Aces" of the 21st Reconnaissance Airplane Company. The Bird dogs of the 21st RAC as well as the rest of the 212th CSAB are feared by most of the experienced enemy troops in I Corps. "They have nearly gotten to the point that they don't like to fire on the virtually defenseless 0-1 aircraft due to the destruction that the Bird Dog can call in on him






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I've got some pretty neat Zippo lighters in my collection, but nothing quite as nice as the one you posted pics of. Very nice piece!


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Now that's a Zippo. :thumbsup:

Good job finding that one and thanks for sharing it with us :D

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Thanks for all the replies, my first Zippo find. Hopefully not my last. :thumbsup:


Very nice engravings on that Zippo, I'm sure it's being cloned in Vietnam as I type. They sure don't miss a trick those Vietnamese.

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