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15th Army Group


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Fifteenth Army Group / 15th Group













World War II


The British/American 15th Army Group was an important unit in World War II.


It was activated in 1943 in Algiers, North Africa, to plan the invasion of Sicily nicknamed Operation Husky. Its main forces for this job were the British Eighth Army and the U.S. Seventh Army. For some time, it was under command of British Field Marshal Harold Alexander. By mid-1944, though, the small-scale invasion that had been planned earlier blew into a theatre of its own. 15th Army Group had pushed northward through Italy, capturing Rome, and driving the retreating Axis forces into Northern Italy. In December, American Lieutenant General Mark W. Clark became the new commander, and by 1945, they had an unparalleled superiority in Central Europe.



Divisional history from:


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This variation has a red border for the white shield in the center of the patch, unlike the other style shown with the white border of the shield.


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