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Vietnam Photostory


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The photos are taken in the czech republic, we are a international group, from Germany and Austria reenacting the 25th ID


Amazing work! You did a good job scouting the scenery and the terrain. I'm also amazed at the quantity of American equipment you have. I can see if that was done in the US, because the equipment would be easier to obtain. Very well done.

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Nice pictures!


twhigham, you would be surprised, europe actually have lot of US Militaria. I even bought some of my items from dealer from France. There are many us bases around europe, one of the biggest base is in Germany where they probably easily obtain equipment there.

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Dust-off to Charlie Two six... I identify Grape smoke!!! How copy? over!!!


Great job... Lots of little details... the spoon in the helmet band, 20 rounders in the bandoliers, The chicken plate on the pilot, the M-26 "Lemon" handgrenades... it all brings this together into a believable scene.


Great job!



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That pic is absolutely perfect! I LOVE IT!


If you digitally aged it, no one could tell. The background is awesome.

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