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ID Needed---Pre-WW1 Daisy Mae?

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In my previous post, I metioned that I had two items that I can't ID properly.


The other item is a "Daisy Mae" type hat. The crown is made of four segments, and there is no reenforcing at the stiching as there is in the 1918 Fatigue caps. The crown is made of a very light weight, almost see through cotton khaki, while the brim is of much heavier material and has 16-17 rows of stitching.






The crown is lined with another lightweight see through but somewhat stiffer material, and there is a painted cloth sweatband. There are no size or contract tags, and no evidence of ther having been any





I picked it up a number of years ago on the supposition that it may be a pre-WW1 (say M1903) fatigue cap.


The materials used in construction suggests that they wouldn't last as long as the later models.


Anybody have any ideas?

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