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Adventure Specialist DAAK60 - 86 "Experimental" Contract LBV Vest


This LBV vest is the early Natick Labs experimental 1986 version of the LBV vest. It was the second pattern prototype vest made by Adventure Specialist. They modified the first run of vests made by Lowe Alpine to work with the new 'd' ring system of the patrol pack. These vests were put through trials between 86-88 before the Standard issue LBV was issued. The ITW Nexus buckles are dated corretly with 86 for 1986, and it has the correct plastic Fastex d- rings on the back. The vest shows use and is well over 20 years old. There is scattered surface marks throughout with no major damage, but it seems the lower right front pocket has been stitched up-repaired. This vest came to me by an Army Special Forces operator who used it throughout Desert Storm and was then kept in his gear bag for over 20 years. The label has been cut, but you can still make out the Adventure Specialist wording,


The tag would have read :


Tactical Load Bearing Vest


Stock No: Experimental


Contract No: DAAK60-86


Adventure Specialists


This vest is very rare and the only one I have ever seen in person. From the Lowe Alpine contracted versions onto this second pattern experimental LBV, this period of webbing design paved way to the LBV's and ELBV's of today. Probably won't see another one again.

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I had an LBV made by a company called FMCO.


It was basically std, except made of a cordura that was "rougher" bigger weave? and the snaps were covered. Later I turned it in for the new mesh paneled LBV. then went back to regular LC webbing in 2000 as it was easier to use and more comfortable. the damn 550 cord waist adjuster was always catching in concertina wire.

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