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USMC coyote brown MOLLE Equipment

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grenade pouch:








double mag pouch:




i'm not 100% sure if the grenade and double mag pouches are commercial pouches. they're made by eagle industries and this is an official manufacturer. but on mine there's the contract no. missing. i've seen some with contract no. the sustainment pouch and waist bag are made by LB Technologies (AITES). some say it's an official manufacturer of usmc equipment and some don't. i don't know...

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AITES IS made by a US Govt contractor. The Eagle stuff you have could be either commercial or GI, they're essentially identical

except for color in some cases, and the presence or absence of contract numbers. Eagle is a very popular aftermarket source of

equipment so it is very possible that your theoretical Marine could have bought/traded for his own. Nice stuff! Would like to see

some more detail of your magazine pouches.

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thanks for your answer!

no problem! in which ones are you interested in?


The Eagle, FireForce and the other civillian item, thanks Philip

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