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1st Army Group


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First Army Group / 1st Group













World War II


First U.S. Army Group—often abbreviated FUSAG—was acivated in London in 1943 as the planning formation for the Allied invasion of France under General Omar Bradley.


When U.S. 12th Army Group was acivated on 1 August 1944, Bradley and his staff transferred to the headquarters of the new army group. Despite a lack of personnel, FUSAG continued to exist on paper as part of the deception of Operation Quicksilver. In order to make the German forces believe the Allied invasion would come at Pas de Calais, the phantom force was stationed at Dover, directly across the English Channel from the site. To further attract the Axis commander's attention, General Eisenhower placed George Patton in command of the phantom force as well as increasing the formation's size to be larger than that of the British 21st Army Group under Bernard Montgomery. The deception worked so well that even long after the invasion at Normandy, German forces continued waiting for what they thought would be the true invasion force.



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