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Medic Jump Wings

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This thread is a bit of a thorn in my side since it continues to drive wedges between many of you which I want to avoid.


I have tried to edit this thread to remove the posts that I feel are part of the problem. Not an easy job so I am sure some folks may be a bit upset... Please PM me and I would be happy to talk to you on the phone.


I did not want to completely delete this thread because I think the discussion of fakes is needed. I ask you please to help keep this focused on the fakes you know about and items you feel need to discussed so we can all learn.


I value all of your opinions and I want you all to feel you can LEARN, SHARE, and ENJOY the hobby.





BTW - this post will be deleted once folks have had time to read it.

Always looking for Wings & Named Air Medals!

Motto: To Collect, Preserve, and Remember!







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I am glad you have had these threads on the fake wings...i have a wing i've been researching (since i know nothing about them) and have discovered it is a fake...lol... I would post a pic...but haven't figured out how yet. It does say "lebreve paris" and seems like the wings were "attached" to the "shield" not cast in one solid piece. So anyway I have learned alot from these forums on wings. Thanks =)

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