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Reproduction STABOs, any interest?


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I am all set at this end, I just need some firm orders so that I can secure materials and start production.

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Is your STABO up to FAA regulations,I.E...Can I use it for actual STABO or one for SPIE ops?


I would be interested, if it could be made with some modifications-I dont care one bit about "historical accuracy".


Also, would you be willing/do you make custom tactical nylon designs? I am currently in the Army, and have a few ideas for a tactcal MOLLE or LBV design,and there aren't many REASONABLE priced designs out there anymore, as Blackhawk (especialyy), Eagle, Paraclete, SOE, BDS and all the others see a chance to bend over and give it to soldiers,as they know we need/want better designs than are issued,and know when deploying and you think your life and mission depend on it, you wil find a way to come up with the ridiculous amount they charge for their product. Although well made, it is just too much mant times.


Feel free to PM me or email me,I look forward to hearing from you,and good luck in your endeavors.






You guys don't have an inhouse work shop and specialists to make gear? Curious, PM me when you get a chance.



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OK guys,


I have one firm order....I'd really prefer to batch these so I can do them more efficiently and get the price down by

ordering in bulk. I will gladly bring the price down if you guys can hit me up with some firm orders this weekend.








PM sent!

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