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Sweeheart Wings? Mil? Non-Mil?


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Found at the flea market, not sure what this is, any help would be appreciated.


I forgot to throw a coin down for size reference, the lower part w/ the wings is dime sized.








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Thank you


It is marked Sterling on the back as shown, I do not know much about silver but I always thought it was...well...silver in color. think.gif

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Silver will tarnish to a goldish color sometimes before turning black or it was gold plated which was a common practice.

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Judging by the wing & prop on it, I'd say they were earlier than 1940s. That pattern wing & prop with the pointed wingtips and more figure-8 shaped prop was a 20s-30s thing. By the 40s, the wingtips were more blunted and the prop tips became more pointed.

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Thanks to all.


Am I to understand that wing w/prop items are cadet related?

Not always cadet related, but always flying related.

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