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WWII US Navy Pilot Wing - 10K Solid Gold by H-H

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I acquired this US Navy Pilot wing about 2 years ago. Most Navy Pilot wings I see for sale are either gold-filled or gold-toned base metal. No telling how scarce 10K solid gold wings are. This wing is die struck, measures 2 3/4" wide, and was made by Hilborn-Hamberger. I have another US Navy Pilot wing that is 10K solid gold. It was made by Balfour and measures 2" wide. Enjoy the images.







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Very nice HH Navy wing in top shape! I have been recently considering branching out a bit more in the Navy area as far as makers are concerned. Currently 99% of my Navy wings are all made by Balfour which I am also expanding to include post WW2 into Korea and maybe a bit later i.e. 1B marked...




Always looking for Wings & Named Air Medals!

Motto: To Collect, Preserve, and Remember!







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