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I acquired this 2nd Division 2nd Supply Trains helmet & gas mask on Saturday. I posted it on a separate thread which also detailed the origins of the 2nd Division IndianHead insignia. The green shield is clear in natural light but I couldn't quite get it to show up well in the pic. It is quite clear on the gas mask bag. The helmet strap is marked "H.G. Scoggins"; the last name is inked on the bag strap as well. Reportedly Scoggins was a 2nd Div Chaplain but I have found nothing to confirm that. It turned up in the Houston area about 2 months ago directly from the family


You can read the first post at http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...mp;#entry217696


But then, I thought I should also add it to this thread as well for comparisons. This U.S.-made helmet is marked R.H. Long 7-18. Hope that's O.K.

Semper Fi....Bobgee



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Awesome topic, and I've really enjoyed seeing the variety. Here are a few other 2d Division helmets, and a little about each.


This is a 1-15 FA helmet I obtained in 2003. Finish is sorta smooth (sand?), especially compared to the next helmet. Liner is intact, stamped 6 7/8.



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2d Sanitary Trains, VERY rough finish on this, which I suppose is either cork or sawdust. Liner is intact, and one side is named to Hawkins; I haven't researched him yet, as I just found that marking. A side benefit of taking these pics to post! I obtained this from Advance Guard in 2005.


I bought this helmet to complement a 2d Sanitary Trains 1LT's tunic I have.


Thanks to martenius for the link to shrinkpictures.com - otherwise I'd have never gotten these pics on here!



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1-23 IN; this one is also from Advance Guard, but 2008. No liner and the painted insignia is a little rough (some of the left side is eroded/gone).


Does anbody keep track of the lot numbers (?) stamped into some of these helmets? I couldn't find it on this one, but some of the others have clear markings.



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1-5 Marines helmet, which I bought at the Nashville show after Thanksgiving. Would love to make that show again this year, but it's not to be. It came with a similarly marked gas mask bag. Unfortunately, I don't think either is named.


This represents part of what I love about 2d Division things - BROAD range of possibile items to add to the collection - with the 4th Brigade being assigned in WW1, and then the division staying active 1917 thru today (read that OIF).



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Finally, is this helmet with an EGA screwed into the front. I think this one is a post-WW1 put together; fortunately it wasn't very expensive! I would sure appreciate opinions/input from those more knowledgeable about EGAs regarding the vintage of the one on here. It has a round nut on the back of the EGA, which I've tried to show in the last picture.




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This is the only WW1 USMC painted helmet I own, and I always wondered about the "extra" hole in it. The hole appears to come from the inside, and the back of the helmet has a red diagonal stripe across it, indicating it was condemned at some point. The close-up of the hole reveals that it was made prior to the 5th Marine insignia being painted on, yet there is no damage to the intact liner. I'll admit to not knowing how to date the EGA, so please comment to it's possible time period. Thanks.


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