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Nice looking one. Yea I was just so excited I found pictures. Had the helmet for 15 years, but when I first purchased the set none of those files existed on the internet. Regards the alignment. This one has it centered, as well as the 312 MG BN on the back centered as well. I wonder if that was certain Battalions that off centered? I know that would not surprise me if that was the reason why a certain proportion of them found are like that... Us Army folks as units are always trying to show our own "" colors in a way to set ourselves/units apart.






Thanks and I agree many different SOP's in the sub-units. That is a great helmet.



USMC 2/2 Fox Co 0311 & 1st Recon Bn Delta Co. 0321. 1986 - 1995 (Desert Storm 90/91)

US Army Long Range Surveillance Co F 425th INF ABN LRS Team 1-6 2003 - 2005 (Iraqi Freedom 03/04)



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Probably CAC for Coast Artillery Corps, not CCA.

Right! Thanks for correcting the typo. I'm curious if there are other camo or unit marked experimental helmets out there.

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Love this thread. WWI helmets just have a very special touch to them... Its amazing to me that WWI shells don't go for as much as WWII shells... esp with names.



Retired US Army Officer, OEF Vet, Collector, Owner Renewhistory











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Another 82nd. Drove 2hrs through an ice storm the night before leaving for the SOS to buy a near complete uniform grouping from a grandson. Gotta love craigslist. Helmet is nice and complete, I swear I just saw a similarly camouflaged one to the same regiment (326th) - but cant find it now. Interesting that the 82nd isn't squared up on the front.





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Heres pics from cover of the November/ December issue of VFW magazine showing USMC helmets worn by returning Marines in NY,NY in 1919. Note Marines helmet with woman has EGA blotted out, helmet on Marine to right has EGA visible.post-6975-0-82631500-1545317018.jpegpost-6975-0-60517300-1545317033.jpeg

Love to get one of these real helmets...post-6975-0-82631500-1545317018.jpeg

"The true Soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him" G.K. Chesterton

"A people that values it's privileges above its principles will soon lose both" D.D. Eisenhower



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