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The hat looks like a commercial hunting piece form the 70s or 80s and even with the bad photos, the ARVN Ranger qualification patch looks like a reproduction. This hat has been up on ebay for awhile. Hope you didn't get it.


- Jakob

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I can't remember if I have posted these here before but these were made for my Brother and sisters in Vietnam.

The hat was brought back with my father on his return form Vietnam.





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12 hours ago, kammo-man said:

That set is very very nice
Any pictures of it being worn ?

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 Unfortunately I can't find one of us wearing the uniform back in 1969 or later but I have one of my daughter wearing it in 2010 when it did actually fit her.


I also just found an image of my brother wearing an ERDL uniform that was made for him in Vietnam as well, I will post this shortly.


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