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WWII armor book, armor weapon poster, armor FM...

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I just wanted to show some of the cool armor stuff I have got lately, the "Armored Force" book covers armor divisions 1-13 along with cavalry, ordance, etc. I think its early WWII printed becuase there isn't one M1 Carbine, 95% of the helmets are m-1917s, and the latest tank it has is the m4. The poster is official and covers many of the weapons used by the armor force in WWII from the carbine to the howitzer. The manual covers Russian, German, Italian and Japanese tanks. It is interesting because some of the pages are blank becuase they do not have pictures of the vehicle yet.


Thanks for looking!

















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Love the FM!! thumbsup.gif

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DBA hoc1983 on ebay. Always nice stuff!


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