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1942 - "The Story of Our Army" by Constance Holland

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:rolleyes: 1942 "THE STORY OF OUR ARMY" was written by Constance Holland. She also wrote "The Story of Our Navy" and other books along that vein. After the Second World War and somewhere between 1945 and 1967, patriotic stories for children seemed to have been produced less than during the war? Some refer to these as "Flag Waving" stories. The illustrations are both in brilliant colours as well as B&W (black and white) and go up to the start of World War Two showing U.S. soldiers wearing the older WW1 issue helmet, not the M-1 helmet liner with steel shell. Such books should not be overlooked and tossed aside as they too are important for understanding the "War Effort" to win the war over Nazis, Fascists, and Imperialism. The cover shows a young boy playing with a red army tank toy. :rolleyes: Sarge Booker of Tujunga, California [hhbooker2@yahoo.com]


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think.gif Brilliant coloured painting of a "Minuteman" with a flintlock musket.


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;) First page of text telling young readers why the American colony went to war.


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