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double buckle boots 1951 dated?

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these are the 1st model jungle boots that came out at the end of WWII but too late to see action. you do see guys on occupation duty wearing em as well as early advisors in laos and Vietnam with em too, nice pair too bad they are a itty bitty size, 8EE geeze!!

id get em for 59.00 even at that size!!!


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What year were these adopted? I've heard that they were very-late WWII, but I've never seen anything that confirms it. Always thought they were pretty cool.



In memory of 1LT Julius C. Goldman, XO of F/330th, 83rd Infantry Division 1944-45.


Looking for P-47 and Tactical Reconnaissance Unit photographs and any items associated with WWII Jewish fighter pilots.



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They were in the production stage in 1945 when the war ended and they were put on the back burner but reintroduced during Korea. There are several pics of them in use during Vietnam but I do not recall ever seeing a pic of them in use in Korea. It was probably one of those things the Army threw in to take advantage of a war time budget.


According to Stanton's Vietnam book these boots continued to be issued thru 1965 even though the new design boot was in the system.




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I think they may be what this big ol' boy is wearing in Viet Nam, in 1966.




He is really only 5'4", but he has just been signed by the village basketball team, it is all relative.


T-Bone :)

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You seem to remember, but I know for a fact--it's dated 1966, and I have posted it here before.


Hey my friend, I've got that photo along with the rest in the series from the US ARCHIVES, all dated July 1962,

caption reads: 1962-July An Dihn Province; Special forces personel show montagnard fighters the finer points of rifle handleing and saftey durring a training session, A-333.

thats all, :)






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also noteworthy is the WWII era Mt rucksack on the ground along with the personal side arm on the SF troop standing without a shirt; a P-38 in a black leather holster.


The reason I say that the original photo isnt 1966 besides the Archive photos are the following reasons;


1) By 1966 the US produced nam jungle boot was already in its 3d pattern DMS vibram and with the influx of US combat troops, almost everyone including SF had access to them, even though you see 1 or 2 SF troops with the WWII era double buckle boots this late.


2) The reason why so many SF troops wore the commercial duckhunter camo was because it was lightweight unlike the OG 107's and provided camo capabilities, by 1966, the MDAP beo Gams had been in circulation since 1964 and Tigerstripe in both the John Wayne and Tadpoles had also been issued also since 1964 in great numbers. You see almost everyone including CIDG wearing these including the yards and no longer wearing tribal garb


3) By 1966 the SF troops would also have had the new Jungle fatigues circa 1963 and/or the T-61-63 Mans, Special warfare uniforms, none of the troops in the scenes are wearing these.


4) and most important in 1966, the 1st Group was no longer in Vietnam but on Oki and in thailand, the 5th Group had taken over, not to mention all the members wear the solid gold flash on all berets, by 1966, many had added the black border due to Kennedy's death in 63.




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O.K., my Mr. Know-it-All friend ;) All I had to go by was the date and the description on the back of the photo, as it came from the San Francisco Examiner archives. I should have saved the copy of the back of the photo, but I didn't. It doesn't matter, though, you are the kind of guy who would have still disputed it. In the end, does it really matter if it was taken in 1961, 1962, or 1966? Not to me, but since it appears that it matters to you, you win. You are right. It was taken in July, 1962. I think July 26, 1962, to be exact. At 09:00. Happy now? :lol:










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