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I just finished Breakout The Chosin Reservoir Campaign, Korea 1950 by Martin Russ. Excellent. Not too kind to the Army troops involved. Now I'm reading Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides. This tells the story of Kit Carson, Fremont, and the clashes with the Navajos and other tribes before and during the Civil War.

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I also recently read PACIFIC. I made earlier reference to two other pacific theater books I read, HELMET FOR MY PILLOW and HERO OF THE PACIFIC. aLL three of these books were given to me by a friend who deccided that I needed to read more about the Marines in WWll. PACIFIC was a much more detailed book which also covered the efforts of the Navy and other services. This book was a much "Slower" read but interesting nevertheless. I would highly recommend for any USMC enthusiasts.


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Recently finished Partick Lindsay's The Coast Watchers. Book was released this year and is an excellent read. Unfortunately only available in the US in the Kindle version. Had a friend in NSW who was kind enough to mail a copy to me.


Currently reading Dunkirk by Hugh Sebag-Montefiore.



Looking for original photos and other items from the First World War US 77th Infantry Division.

Also interested in BAR and M1917A1 BMG related items.

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Re-reading Path To Victory by Douglas Porch for the 2nd time all the way through. The cornerstone of my long study on the Med Theatre and a must read for all interested in WWII. Immense scope and excellent arguments about why the theatre was pivotal to Allied success.

Always looking for anything concerning the 34th Inf, 88th Inf or 1st Armored Divisions in WWII MTO.



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Just finished Helmet for my pillow by Robert Leckie, while I was snowed in today


Fantastic read. By being honest and insightful, Leckie shows himself as nothing more and nothing less than human and so gives a very human and personal account

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"Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption" by Laura Hillenbrand.


I got this for Christmas and it is wonderful. It is a story about Louie Zampirini - a childhood delinquent-turned-Olympic runner-turned Army hero. He was a bombardier when his plane crashed on a routine mission.






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We Are The Wounded by Keith Wheeler. Wheeler, a veteran combat journalist is shot in the face on Iwo Jima and details the entire account of his beach treatment and the road to recovery, documenting all the horrors along the way. It is a fantastic read. The book is somewhat expensive as it was only printed in '45 and it can be found on ePay and ABE....just watch for the bargains.

I do not profess to be a militaria expert, but I conduct as much research as I am capable of and then write about my findings.
Check out my blogs, The Veteran's Collection (general militaria) and Chevrons and Diamonds (military baseball)



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First Post


Currently reading: Medic!: How I Fought World War II with Morphine, Sulfa, and Iodine Swabs by Robert "Doc Joe" Franklin.


Luckily my Fiancee works in a library so I have her look through their history section for me haha


next will be


DOC McILVOY : The Way We Were (WWII American Paratroopers Portrait Series #3)

In Memory of


1st Lt. William Ingram Harvey 46th Armd Inf. Bn. 5th Armd Divison, K.I.A. August 21st, 1944.


Create your Profile at MyArmedForces.com.

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Received "Finding The Lost Battalion" & "Return to the Charlevaux" by Robert Laplander for Christmas....so I'll be consumed with those for a while.

"I was born for this" Joan of Arc



Bill Goodwin


Roanoke Sword Guilde


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Received "Finding The Lost Battalion" & "Return to the Charlevaux" by Robert Laplander for Christmas....so I'll be consumed with those for a while.


I really enjoyed both of Laplander's books -- highly recommended and you won't be disappointed.


Please check out my author's page at Amazon:




and my other page:



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Carol Reardon's Pickett's Charge: In History and Memory and Michael B. Oren's Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present. Both are excellent books and offer fresh insights into events many think have already been covered exhaustively.

John McPherson

Member, Historic Ft. Steilacoom Association

Member, Snohomish Carnegie Foundation

Educator, Snohomish School District

Snohomish, WA

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Finished listening to Lion of Liberty, Patrick Henry by Unger


Washington by Chernow


and War by Junger


....The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, shall not be infringed.



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For the moment, "Survival on land and sea" edited the US navy in the 40's. Very interesting book, with a lot of good advices and tips like navigation with the stars, comestible vegetable and shellfish,etc....






"We,departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sand of time"

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WarGames-Inside the World of 20th Century War Reenactors

If you have or haven't reenacted, this is an interesting book. The author has a PhD, taught college, and spent seven years as a reenactor both WWI and 2.

I enjoyed the last chapter: "How to Play Army without Getting Pissed"

Like I said, not bad, published by Smithsonian Books.

Amazon has 7 copies for under a dollar. I got mine for 1 cent, shipping was $3.99.

And by the way the author is female, if you're concerned about such things.


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