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Last year, I received this coat from the son of the vet. His kids had used it (and his crusher) for halloween and playing around in. The son told me his Dad was a pilot flying troops and cargo. The story fit with uniform, but when I received his service info from NARA there was no mention of him being a pilot. There was info about the flight schools, but no mention of his wings or military occupation.


post-203-1175348637.jpg post-203-1175348682.jpg


Getting to the point of this posting, I requested his flight records from St. Louis. If you know (or give a good guess) the last year that the vet flew, they can provide you a summary of his flying hours. Unfortunetly, it doesn't give the unit(s) assigned. But, at least in this case, it proves that he was a pilot and helps me in the restoration of this uniform.


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I wonder why they didnt send you the sheets for each month? They do exist. My guess is that they were being lazy. The sheets for each individual month will have the unit he was attached to at the time.



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