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ID'd M1917 Helmet-help please?

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Greetings gents!


I recently bought my first M1917 helmet. I didn't know it when I bought it (and I doubt the seller knew), that the chinstrap of this helmet had some very faint markings on it. In inked, handwritten script it says:



"[illegible] Peter Losso 186477"


I'm not sure about the numbers, but I can see 6477 well enough to read. The "1" and "8" are less clear, but I think I have them right. Anyway, does that sound like a service number? I can read the name itself, "Peter Losso", pretty clearly. There appears to possibly be some script before his name (a rank perhaps?), but I think that is lost to time.


Also, what does the white diamond denote?


Some pics (for some reason the pics make it look like the helmet has a pale "haze" to it, however that is not evident looking at it in person):











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Jeffrey Magut

Nice helmet. I found a Peter Losso, born 8/29/1895, registered for the draft from Sewickley, Westmoreland Co. Pennsylvania. That number would be correct for a WWI service number. Losso appears in the 1930 census as a coal miner who was a veteran of WWI.


The white diamond is a new one on me. 5th Division diamonds are red, so I am stumped at the moment. But there are a lot of knowledgeable forum members lurking around here...somebody should know that insignia.



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Pennsylvania is good at answering requests for service information for WWI vets. You can do a google search for the State Archives address. I also look to see if I have some of the requests that i have sent to them.

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A good 'first guess' place to start looking is the odd regimental insignias of the 80th Division. We're still trying to get those sorted out! A collector in Ohio has made some good progress, but finds that information from official 80th Division sources does not exactly match up with what he has repeatedly seen in identified groupings, so there is a bit of work to do.


We have several ASMIC members on the forum - perhaps there is an old Trading Post article lurking about that might help.

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Thanks very much for the information thus far, gentlemen! Hopefully, someone can provide some more insight regarding the diamond.


Beast, I'd love to see some of your requests, so I'll have a better idea of what I'm doing. This is new territory for me...

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318th Infantry Regiment 2nd Bn


80th Division







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