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Unusual Blue Star window sign


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Just before closing yesterday a man brought in some of his Grandfather's items, which included a few things from Okinawa. The sailor, Chester L. M a y e s) was a Motor Machinist Mate Third Class who served aboard LST 813.  Among the artifacts is this ~8X10 inch cardboard window placard. I've never seen the crescent / moon added to the star, but there's an explanation on the back. Which seems redundant since the banner says "Overseas."


Mark sends



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I've never seen this sign before.  Interesting piece.  Thank you for sharing!

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That is very interesting! I have not seen that before (and I wrote a book on the service flags!)

There were several companies in WWI that used the "Over there" designation for overseas service to distinguish from stateside postings.

I think the design was another attempt at a unique patent design (and therefore marketable)

Interesting as it shows up kind of late (1944) I wonder if they were approved for the patent, or just let it go, as the war would soon be over and with it the fervor for service flags.


Thanks for sharing!

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