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Help with Artillery Projectile ID?


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Placed a 75mm beside for some scale. Shell is 17" with 4.5" diameter so roughly 115mm.  Bottom has the ord bomb. Bottom also appears to have YD stamped on one side and T on other side. Both on bottom. Mid shell on side is a C. Definitely shrapnel round and it had the disc and rod laying inside with a handful of the balls left. Stumped on this one so any help will be much appreciated. 








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Looks like a relatively hard to find WWI era U.S. 4.7" Shrapnel round.  Would have been fired from the 4.7-inch gun M1906. 

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Great stuff. Thank you so much for the help guys. Now I'll just spend years trying to find the case that it deserves. Thanks again!!!!

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Complete Rounds:  On the left is the US 4.7" gun m/1906.  Next to it is the US 4.7" howitzer m/1907.  Note how small the howitzer brass case is.  The US sent 64 4.7" guns to France during WW1, but they saw very little action.  About 70 4.7" guns survive, but only one of the howitzers is known to exist.  Thank robinb for posting my photos.


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Thanks for the cool pictures. Any ideas on what any of the markings I had might mean. I'll see if I can get some decent pictures of them. C stamped on side middle of shell and YD on bottom and what looks like T on bottom?

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