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New Bill Mauldin Website - Sicily Sketch Book


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I started a new website focused on Bill Mauldin a few months ago.  More specifically, the website focuses on the soldier-signed copies of Mauldin's rare self-published Sicily Sketch Book.  I've identified as many of the soldiers as I could and have listed them page by page with pictures of the books.  I've managed to pick up a number of these books over the years, but they are getting more and more difficult to find.


If anyone has information about any of the veterans listed in the website, I'd love to showcase them from time-to-time.


Bill Mauldin Art - Sicily Sketch Book


On the website, you'll also find images of original Mauldin artwork from my collection. 


Any feedback is welcome.




Rob Stolzer


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Thanks for doing this. Bill Mauldin really captured WW2 from the GI perspective.  I am especially thankful you translated cursive into readable English for our younger generation. 

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58 minutes ago, 268th C.A. said:

If your ever in Oklahoma City go to the 45th Division Musuem there. They have most of Bill Mauldin's original works on display! It's a worthwhile museum. 


I have been there.  Unfortunately, most of what they have on display are prints of Mauldin's Stars and Stripes artwork.  They did have a couple of originals, but they told me that the rest were in a bank vault.  This was a number of years ago, so maybe things have changed since then.

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