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WW1 Canteen


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I picked up this WW1 canteen with some neat trench art. It also has a name and serial number scribed on the side along with some stencils on the bottom. I would like to hear anyone’s thoughts on if the stencils on the bottom mean anything and how to maybe find more about the information scribed/stenciled on this canteen. 

Thanks in advance,



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Thank you cagedfalcon. 
Will be nice to find out if there is any information out there about the name scribed on here and when and where he served. 


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Charles A Respet

Johnstown, PA 33 247 883


July 1942 - December 1945

overseas 14 months


Charles Respet


28 Feb 1921


28 Jan 2017 (aged 95)


Saint Joseph Cemetery

Geistown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, USAAdd to Map


As for the WWI type engraving on the canteen, there are one too many digits in the service number and all "Buffett"s service numbers are not close that I can find right now.

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    I can’t Thank you enough for finding this information. It is people like you that make this site such a wonderful place. 
   As for Charles Respet, a google search turned up an obituary which had one mention of his Ww2 service and that he served in the Army and served in France. 
   So there is a connection to Charles Respet and France. Now to figure out that 8 digit service number and Buffett….

Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to shed some light on possible scenarios. 


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