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A Corner of My Room

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Great Display. Between all these great displays making me wish I had more room to display the stuff I have which is in boxes and footlockers

current owner of a Dodge WC 9, WC 12, WC 27 2 American Highway K38s, 1945 USMC MB Holden Ambulance, 1943 USMC radio jeep, 1951 military Cushman pakagekar, 1942 m6 bomb truck

All right they're on our left they're on our right they're in front of us they're behind us they can't get away this time
General Chesty Puller

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It's Carl, isn't it? I seem to remember, but forgive me if I am



It looks like you have everything situated well in your new abode.


For someone whose forum name suggests an affinity to the Great War

era, you certainly have a marvelous assortment of early period

accouterments in outstanding condition. Hmmm, both 1st and 2nd

pattern magazine pouches for the Pistol M1911; a four pocket revolver

belt pattern 1903; two early pattern 1912 pistol belts, one snapless;

a pair of 1908 wire cutters, and by the color of the pouch I'd guess

RIA around 1915. On the lower deck of the foot locker we see pattern

1907 suspenders; but what really grabs my eye is the footwear - very

NICE condition and probably a price to match!


It's the photo of the room corner in you new home that grabbed my

attention. I see pattern 1903 suspenders on the torso with the

campaign hat with cavalry cords. Very nice. Very uncommon.





Be careful about leaving the helmet on the carpet because synthetic

fibers hold moisture and in close contact you'll have corrosion quickly.



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Excellent corner! Well displayed, and looks like a comfy room to hang out in.

Learn to ride hard, shoot straight, dance well and so live that you can, if necessary, look any man in the eye and tell him to go to Hell! US Cavalry Manual, 1923



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