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Great group of 1950s - Vietnam era USAF patches

Uniforms of the Day

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Uniforms of the Day

These belonged to Miles G. Hughes. Hughes was born in Ohio, in 1938. He enlisted in the AF in 1957. During his career he worked on F-100s, F-105s, and F-4s as an Aircraft Systems Tech. He earned a Bronze Star in Vietnam. He eventually  retired as a Chief Master Sergeant. After retiring, he worked for Sperry Flight Systems and Honeywell in the avionics/ air frame technology arwa. He earned a BA from Arizona State and eventually became Arizona's Airworthiness Representative working for the FAA. Highes was married with 3 children and passed away in Phoenix. The Snoopy "AUTOPILOT", Voo Doo Medicine Man, Southeast Asia War Game Participant, and Phantum Phixer pstches are pretty neat. I have not seen the Snoopy Autopilot type before.




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