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From <Argentina origin of my garand

raul jorge braudo

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raul jorge braudo

Posted yesterday at 11:53 AM

Hi  ,I´m new in this Forum, thk for having me,I´m a collector from Argentina,recently I bought a mint Garand, serial nbr 314140X, a guy at the collectors club has one, and could find out how his rifle got to Argentina, the story is very interesting, because it came with the cruiser Belgrano, purchased by the Argentine Navy, originally it was the Phoenix and it was sunk by the brits during the Falklands war in 1982.

The original owner of my Garand was deceased for a long time and his son, who sold the piece to me, told me that his late father was in the Marine.
My request to you is...Can anyone help me giving me the source from where can I find out the original destiny of my gun???

I´d be more than thankfull.

Thks a mill, Raul J Braudo

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