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Remington Paper 12 Gauge Dummy Shells - WWII-era?


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After years of searching, I finally found a full box of 12 gauge Dummy shotgun shells. The 2 piece box is in good shape, although the paper label has some wear and missing sections. The paper shells look brand new, with clear printing and still factory packed. 


My question to the group concerns dating the box. The tan label with green printing is a similar style to some pre-war Remington commercial boxes I've seen. There is a stamped number on the box that may be a lot number, but I don' think it's a military contract type.


I've attached photos of my box and the Dummy shells. I also included a photo of what is supposed to be a box of Winchester Dummy shells, but it has even less identifiable markings than the Remington. Any help with dating my box would be appreciated. Thanks.


RA Dummies-1.jpg

RA Dummies-2.jpg

RA Dummies-3.jpg

RA Dummies-4.jpg

RA Dummies-5.jpg

12 GA Dummies 1.jpg

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