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Can Anyone ID this Ordnance logo?


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6 hours ago, atb said:

Not a US 😭 insignia in my opinion. A foreign missile unit badge. The ordnance bomb design is used worldwide.

The fame and shell is used by a bunch of countries but the gunners belt also? I spent a bit of time on the web searching US as well as foreign and nothing comes close. Matter of fact the closest is US

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Buckle and tail of the belt wrapped around just left of the buckle. Cannoneers Belt according to historical stuff I have read.


 From "US Army Regimental System"

The cannoneer's belt, which encircles the flaming bomb and crossed cannons, is embossed with the words "ORDNANCE CORPS U.S.A." and represents the traditional association between munitions and armament.

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We call it a belt, but it's actually considered a garter. You often see it in UK heraldry and insignia. 

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