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Coast Guard Police Patch


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Picked this one up yesterday.  Anyone ever seen it before/have info on it? 

I note it doesn't state "US" Coast Guard.  And has an anchor rather than a shield.  

Measures 2 1/2 inches across.  Construction looks WW2 to me.

Is it US Coast Guard?





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Salvage Sailor

I believe you're correct Kurt, Coast Guard Police (civilian auxilliary), WWII.  There's no "U.S" on the patch as they were volunteers.


The Auxiliary grew to 11,500 members by June 1942. Many (mostly men) later became Coast Guard temporary reservists, as allowed by the Auxiliary and Reserve Act of 19 February 1941, amended in June 1942. 


These "coast guard police" volunteers served mostly on a completely voluntary basis without compensation. They helped safeguard America's otherwise unguarded eastern and western shorelines, the Intercoastal Waterway and many uncharted swamp outlets, estuaries and other outlets to the sea. In November 1943, congressional legislation allowed women to enroll as temporary Reservists, too. 


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Super cool patch and super cool history! Never heard of this part of the USCG, but so interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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