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American Volunteers Medal 1914-1917 awarded to Carroll Greenough American Ambulance


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I'm pleased presenting to you the American Volunteers Medal 1914-1917 awarded to Carroll Greenough of the American Ambulance.


It seems that Carroll Greenough was the architect who transformed the Pasteur's high school into a military hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine.


Carroll GREENOUGH 30 January 1883 New-York - 18 August 1941 Ashville.


When the United States declared war on Germany, Carrol Greenough served as officier in the US Engineers Corps until April 1920.




Carroll Greenough recensement 1920.jpg

Carroll Greenough sépulture Mount Auburn Cemetery proche de Cambridge.jpg

USA American Volunteers 1°type_01a (351).jpg

USA American Volunteers 1°type_01b (351).jpg

Carroll Greenough article de journal 1914 11 07 modification lycée Pasteur bis.jpg

Carroll Greenough album école Cambridge classe 1904.jpg

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