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USMC Marksmanship Badges


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This is the earliest example I have ever had in my possession.


1903? USMC Expert Rifleman Badge with Krag rifles Riveted, open "C" wire catch. post-134470-0-52701500-1513333994_thumb.jpg

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I have been looking for the earliest example of a USMC RIFLE EXPERT award (with crossed M1 Garand rifles).


Can someone please explain the codes on the five awards that I am looking at, I think the 'SER 395' is early 1960s but not sure of the 719 and 424 on the Meyers awards…..


  3. N.S.MEYER NEW YORK USMC 719 (in a shield)
  4. CEC2-9
  5. N.S.MEYER USMC 424 (in a shield)


Any help would be great, thanks, John

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On 10/11/2007 at 7:02 PM, hhbooker2 said:

Lieutenant Colonel William K. Emerson I believe did a book on marksmanship badges - he is the leading authority on such militaria. Major James M. McDuff and John A. Stacey are leaders in the field also! I have the Army of the United States issue which is like the USMC, but mine is all gold. I have Army Regulations for the late 1920s and early 1930s showing the Maltese Cross type like worn now, but knew soldiers who went off post and bought and wore the older style. Also have the USMC with and without the Eagle/Anchor/Globe centered on them too! May donate mine to the USMC Museum at Quantico, Virginia as I am long in tooth! think.gif



One of those badges is wrong.

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On 4/12/2008 at 11:55 AM, robert60446 said:

Rifle Expert reverse


I have the same badge except the ser. is #395 and it's sterling and has sterling clutches, i believe it's late W.W.2 to korean war era the one you have it's 1/20th silver it seems to be vietnam era which they would have used little amounts in silver



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