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WWII Incendiary Bombs and Recovered Ordnance Items Assistance Request

1SG Staggs

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I'm supporting a project where we are performing remediation work recovering buried WWII era munitions.

I'm looking for technical information, drawings, and photos for the following items to support developing Operator training material:


AN-M50 Incendiary Bomb (IB)




M126 IB

M57 81mm mortar (FS, HC, and HS filled)

M88 76mm Smoke Shell

M89 75mm Smoke Shell

M84 105mm Smoke Projectile

M16 igniter for Drop Tank Firebombs

AN-M3 Red Smoke Grenade (within the 3-winged canister)


Much appreciated in advance for any information you can share.


1SG Staggs


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I am surprised and amazed that any authorized remediation/munitions response/UXO cleanup project would have to resort to "volunteer" info from some web site--even a web site as informative and helpful as this one!  The "greenest" UXO Technician Level 1 would (or should) have access to ordnance ID guides much more informative  than information provided by donations on a web site.  UXO "operators" would have had access to training material through their UXO courses, through the Contracting Officer Technical Representative or even a supporting EOD unit.  


With my many years of Explosives Safety experience, active duty and as a contractor, I am appalled that anyone would need to resort to this type of information for any legitimate munitions remediation project.


Good luck with your efforts.



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