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Help identifying this shell


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Hello.  I need help identifying this, please.  Also, an approx value and recommendation on where and how to sell it would help. The fuze doesn't seem to fit as the threads don't meet, so I don't think they go together.  It was my dad's who has passed away, and he's had it hanging around the house for 50 years.  I have no idea where he got it, unfortunately.  Thanks.






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Looks like a 105mm howitzer round, but I don't see a driving band, is there a driving band further down in the case? Is the bottom of the projectile solid? That'd affect value because it may be a drill round.


The fuze could be used for illumination, smoke, or maybe propaganda rounds.

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It's hollow, nothing inside.  Just these 3pieces.  There is a piece of wood in the brass to prop the green part up.

I don't know what the parts are called, sorry.



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About 1/4th from the bottom you see that indentation, normally there is a copper band that goes around the projectile called the driving band. Yours is missing one and that's why it has the wood to prop it up; otherwise the driving band would seat into the case.


If the bottom of the round is solid, I think that's not the right fuze, but I could be wrong.


Without the driving band, i think it's in the $125-150 range with the fuze.



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