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1816 Springfield bayonet lug?

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Hi, I'm new to the USMF. I have read the forums before but decided I should make an account so I can post questions I have. This is my first post and I appreciate any assistance. 

I recently purchased a reproduction 1816 Springfield musket from Access Heritage. It seems good overall except for one thing: the bayonet lug is on the bottom of the barrel. 

From pictures of originals and a couple sources, it seems the lug should be on top. I know some 1795 muskets had the lug on the bottom. One source said that was discontinued around 1809 until 1840.

So is it correct to have the bayonet lug on the bottom of the barrel on the 1816 model?

It's hard enough finding a decently priced bayonet so I think finding on that will be correct in its current state will be impossible. 

Sorry for the long post and thanks for any help.





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Wow... Your right. I'm wondering if it was done that way by the Manufacture to make you purchase a reproduction bayonet. It is a bad mistake by the manufacturer. maybe a good gun smith could fix that. but it will require some heating and loss of that bright finish if that's the way you want it.  

as an old reenactor I started with a repro and advanced to originals. I cleaned all the patina off which collectors don't agree with. Muskets in the war were not rusty and dark. The officers were west point and spit and polished was the rule. Not to the point yours is now, but clean with a slightly darker tint. To look used. 

Your call on that one. 


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Thanks for the quick response. I agree that it is a mistake. The picture on their website shows the lug on top. I reached out to them to discuss my options, so we'll see what they say. I was thinking a gunsmith or metal fabrication shop. Plus the hole is not drill by the pan, but I knew about that before buying. I would cut it off and use JB Weld if I didn't think it would be a disaster. Haha

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