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USAF Security Police Basic Badge from early '80's with soft diamond hallmark


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I have a USAF SF badge from the early 1980's that is 1/20 silver filled with a very small diamond hallmark with weak, rounded edges that I can't lock down. The letters are incredibly small, say half the size of the base of the clutch posts. I will try to get a photo, but it is still sealed and I want to keep it so. I have a USAF Firefighter badge of similar vintage that is Williams and Anderson. I'm inclined to lean towards them. Can't find any similar hallmarks that small.

I also have a numbered USAF SF ID badge in miniature that has a "CM" hallmark. Could this be Classic Metallics? It's also early '80's production.

Trying to figure out some of the basics of my Wilmington haul to get my documentation started.

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The one on the Firefighter badge definitely is W&A. The problem is this little monster is literally 1/32" tall. I measured. It's generally diamond shaped and it has something in the middle, but I can't make out what, even with a magnifying glass. I'm going to have to set up my microscope and have a look. It's just to small and, I suspect, worn. This is the best photo I have of it. Definitely tiny.


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