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BG Stephen Benet's Collection of Annual Reports ... Relating to the Ordnance Department, Vol. 1

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Does anyone have a copy of Volume 1, please? I am researching early US mountain howitzers and volume 1 is not readily available. Volume 2 is, but volumes 1, 3, and 4 are not. Libraries that have copies consider them rare and will not release them on Interlibrary Loan. I don't need the whole book, only those pages relating to mountain howitzers - if there are any. Please contact me offline to discuss next steps.


Many thanks,


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Good luck with that Jim, hope you get results.  Leather all clean.

illinigander ken 

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Thanks. I am sure cleaning al that leather was a lot of work.


I was able to get copies of the pages I was interested in from the Army's Military History and Education Center in Carlisle, PA. Not much help, though. Tracing the background of the howitzer continues with some success, but nothing definitive, yet.


If you get a chance, please PM me. My emails to you get kicked back. Thanks, Jim

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