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Old demilled still legal?


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Something I was wondering about, a lot of stuff that was demilled in the past is not exactly up to current spec's (especially when it keeps changing). Like bazookas and mortars with undersized holes drilled in them and gutted machine guns completely welded up (used to be a common sight around military institutions and VFW's) or cannons with the breach gutted and welded opened or closed but otherwise operational. I've seen some of these things pop up for sale from time to time but I don't know if the old demill is still valid or if you would have to demill it to current spec to own it so I play it safe and turn them down. I've heard they are grandfathered and and nobody really cares as long as they where demilled at some point but on the other hand I've also heard that they need to be up to current spec to the point that a parts kit that was sold a couple of years ago needs to be torched on the edges because saw cut is no longer a valid demill as per current  guidelines. Does anybody know exactly what the rules are? I know obviously if someone has a fully intact AK from  Iraq with a small spot weld holding the bolt closed it's not going to be legal (I actually heard a story about a unit  getting in trouble over doing this and hanging it up in their office) but what about something like a old demilled bazooka that has holes cut in it but no rods welded in or a BAR kit with a 3 piece saw cut receiver? Would these be ok because they were legal when they were done or do they now need to be further demilled to be legal because the guidelines changed? Or is it better to just keep avoiding stuff like this all together?

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Ben,  there's a really helpful guy who has a website called Great War Relics. He recently had a dug German MG-42 that was cut in three pieces. He would be up on the current regulations. Perhaps you could contact him with a specific question. Good luck. 

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