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Toy Soldier collection, Flag-Bearers


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I have always enjoyed looking at old toy soldiers but never took the plunge into collecting them. A few years back I started picking up flag-bearers whenever I came across one. I haven't given them much thought or research but for a fall project have decided to figure out what these all are. I thought I'd share the photos I took today. Most of these are about 4" tall, a few are around 7" and the tallest is 9".

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That's the lot of them. I know some of these aren't really toys, but more figurines, especially the porcelain one and plastic one. I think the cardboard soldier may be a game piece.

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Thanks for looking!

Here's what I have found so far.

Post 2 (top to bottom) Manoil, Barclay, "Japan", Britains?, Elastolin

Post 3 (top to bottom) Unknown?, Playwood Plastics, Unknown?, Elastolin, Manoil

Post 4 (top to bottom) Unknown?, "Japan", Tim-Mee Toys, paper/game piece, Elastolin

Post 5 (top to bottom) Barclay, Grey Iron, Playwood Plastics, Barclay, Unknown?

Post 6 (top to bottom) "Japan", Barclay, Manoil, Trico (Japan) 


I also recently added this soldiers made by Jones






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