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4th Mobile Strike Award Bolo

Mr P

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Good morning gentlemen,

Even though in poor condition could I please have your comments and possible valuation? Of this Item






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That's a great piece.  This bolo is associated with the SOG during Vietnam, clandestine operations.  The early ones were either bright finish or something called Mill Scale finish.  The later ones had black painted blades.  Thanks for showing.


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I agree with Marv. I would try and gather any and all information for the unit and the man named, as that will add to the story of this piece and the value goes up with the interest in the  piece.

As to value these are a little tricky, they are rare to find.  The awareness of them is in rather small interest groups.  Add to that is a story that these were copied in the past and this causes hesitation in prospective buyers.  You can see how the collected  information will help in overcoming some of this.

Myself I have had one for years in unissued condition with the original sheath.  For the right buyer, IMHO, $200 or more wouldn't be unreasonable.  Your's is named to the unit and the individual, again IMHO, I would think it would be more.





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On 9/21/2023 at 10:05 PM, Mr P said:

Thats what worries me has if it is this fellow it could be a copy

If it were mine I'd find the fellow and ask him; he is still alive.

It's not a difficult a task.


I have done it before.

(My V42 came with the owners discharge papers, my Randell had a soldier number on the blade, I had a K98 with a US service number stenciled on it. You then look for surviving relatives, in your case you're looking for a "minimal degree of separation" relation, whom you can then reach out to, FB, IG, Linkedin. Hopefully they will make an online introduction.)

There are also SOG team researchers on the internet who have tracked many of the old warriors down.

Bud Gibbs on IG and others - 



There are a myriad other ways to do this.


The value of your poor condition bolo, might change considerably.


I took in a 1936 issued German J "Juden" marked passport, which at the urging of my daughters, I returned to the family. It was actually a cathartic experience.


Good luck.

It's a great looking piece.


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