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Two Items I beleive may be Medical related MAYBE ?


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First item is this WWI ? Ammo ? Crate
has a white cross, looks like it was used to hold Baseballs at one time :)
Markings on the side say CHEST49-1-84



Second Item is this all Green all metal Box
could it be a medical kit from  a jeep or other type vehicle ?
Only a Very small part of the inner label is still there



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19 minutes ago, 268th C.A. said:

The first is a M1917 MG Ammo box, probably used surplus for a first aid kit box.

Second is a Vietnam era first aid box that's been painted. 

   Thanks very much. the M1917 MG Ammo box is nice to know as I do have a
WWI MG group :) Turned around you dont see the BASEBALL Notation :)

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8 minutes ago, jayhawkhenry said:

Nice ammo box.  That is a great find.

Thank you very much, it found a nice place in my WWI
display area :)

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