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Cavalry Overcoat Cape- Indian wars or SAW? Original?

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I recently acquired a cavalry overcoat cape. Everything about it suggests that it is an original, but I'm not an expert in IW/SAW uniforms. It has seven eagle buttons made by Horstmann Philadelphia. It has 7 brass ringlets on the collar for attaching to the overcoat. It is missing one ringlet. It has moth nips and some staining. It only has one hole near the bottom. It is heavy. I attached lots of pictures of the stitching. I do not know if that may help to identify if it is an original, 


Is this cape a model 1885?


Did soldiers ever wear it without the large great coat like I have it on my half mannequin? It is very thick and heavy be itself. Combined with a great coat it seems like it would be hot in just cool temperatures.


Any feedback is welcomed!



cape 10.jpg

cape 9.jpg

cape 5.jpg

cape 1.jpg

cape 2.jpg

cape 3.jpg

cape 4.jpg

cape 8.jpg

cape 11.jpg

cape 12.jpg

cape 13.jpg

cape 7.jpg

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The inside yellow color of the cape is the same color as the stripes on my sergeant's sack coat which is an original.



cape 14.jpg

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It looks right. From what the photos show I see no suspect features. 1887 yellow color, 1893 Horstmann buttons. These capes were a surplus item back in the 1960's. Replicas for living history have been made but they like all such cloth are fairly obvious. The blue wool overcoat & cape was worn well into the first decade of the 1900's. As far as being worn all by itself I don't recall any evidence of such.  

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Thanks CAC1901 for your feedback. I could not find any issues with it before I bid on it. Replicas are a brighter yellow and lighter blue.

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