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US Marines by Heyde


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With toy soldiers, I normally stick with Britains Ltd, but  occasionally I branch out when I see something of interest. At a recent toy soldier show I ran into this set of German made Marines, and it followed me home. Here is a boxed set of US Marines by the manufacturer Heyde of Dresden. I am guessing the set dates to the 1920’s or early 1930’s, based on their hats and the box design/packaging. Like Heyde’s French and British rivals, Heyde had a formula of what goes into a standard set. In Heyde’s case, infantry sets were lead by an officer, drummer, and flag bearer. Mounted sets had an officer, bugler, and standard bearer. A bit of lead rot showing on some of the figures so we will what we can do to stabilize the set. These stand about 44mm in height. 






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