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CW letters, envelope, and sheet music

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4th Miss Cav

I picked up a few items from a local collector today in Baton Rouge LA.  The first is a cover only from Brandon Miss dated March 4, 1861.  The sheet music was printed in New Orleans LA in 1861 by A.E. Blackmar and Bro.  When the city fell in April 1862, they moved their equipment to Richmond and continued operations there.  Two letters from the same soldier, one right before and the other right after the Battle of Baton Rouge in August of 1862.  One letter talks about preparing for the enemy the other about walking the battlefield right after amid the carnage and of the Union army's burning of the town.  The fall of Port Hudson March was written in 1863 as a tribute to N. P. Banks.  The last is a 1906 UCV reunion ribbon from New Orleans for the Army of Tennessee. 







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Is the letter attributed to anyone/unit? The Battle of Baton Rouge has always been of interest to me.

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4th Miss Cav

There is no name company or regiment written on them anywhere that I can rad. I even looked to see if a city or town was mentioned but I can’t find anything.  Some of it is difficult to read and I couldn’t find my magnifying glass. If I do see something I will post it. 


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