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U.S.S. San Diego


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Nice photo. Per Wikipedia: 


"The USS San Diego (CL-53) was an Atlanta-class light cruiser of the United States Navy, commissioned just after the US entry into World War II, and active throughout the Pacific theater. Armed with 16 5 in (127 mm)/38 cal DP anti-aircraft guns and 16 Bofors 40 mm AA guns, the Atlanta-class cruisers had one of the heaviest anti-aircraft broadsides of any warship of World War II. San Diego was one of the most decorated US ships of World War II, being awarded 18 battle stars, and was the first major Allied warship to enter Tokyo Bay after the surrender of Japan. Decommissioned in 1946, the ship was sold for scrapping in December 1960."


The city has had other USN ships named after it as well:


USS San Diego (CA-6), originally the armored cruiser California (1907–1914); renamed San Diego (1914–1918)

USS San Diego (AFS-6), a combat stores ship in service from 1969 to 1997

USS San Diego (LPD-22), a San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock, launched in 2010 and still in service


I'm originally from there and am a bit embarrassed that all of the above was new to me.

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