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WPG khaki poplin shirt?


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m finally about to complete my replica of my grandpa's uniform form Korea, and I need to replace what is currently a Craftsman khaki work shirt, which is weirdly pretty close to the real deal.


I would very much like to order from ATF but it will be a long time before their khaki shirts are back in. They have specific sizes as opposed to WPG's more vague sizing. I'm pretty tall so I need good long sleeves and I know ATF can deliver on that since I have their wool shirt.


WPG offers the lightweight poplin shirt which would be nice for wearing under my Ike jacket, but as I said the sizing is vague, just regular and long sizes. I'm also on the brink between a L and an XL. Does anyone have any experience with these shirts, are they fine or should I just wait for ATF's?

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