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My favorite grouping (10th Cavalry Lt Col. Charles Greenlief Ayres)


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My favorite group belonged to 10th  Cavalry  officer Lt. Col. Charles Greenlief Ayres. His story is historic and  very relevant to our country's history.


My grouping includes:

1) His dads civil war Cavalry Officers sword (his dad was an  civil War artillery general) used at San Juan Hill.

2) His dads civil war field bible

3) 1872 cavalry officers sword 

4) box spurs used on San Juan Hill

5) a number of his original promotion documents

6) copy of pictures of him with his sword and son

7) His copy of Roosevelts book The Rough Riders. 


Unfortuantly Ayres Span Am uniform was sold before I bought this Group. If anyone knows the where abouts of his uniform or other artifacts, i would love to bring the group back together. 


Ayre's dad was a Civil War  artillery general at the Little Round Top at the  Gettysburg battle. Ayres was in the 25th Inf in the 1870s for a short time and spent the remaining time in service as an officer with the 10th Cav (Buffalo Soldier).  He saw a great amount of service on campaigns during the Indian wars, fought in cuba next to the Rough Riders, and later in Cuba. 


If i recall correctly Ayres was brevett General reporting to General Wheeler at San Juan hill in Cuba. His unit fought next to the Rough Riders and were said to rescue them a number of times. A number of his black troopers won the medal of honor. 


Here are a few good links to Ayres service.






Thanks for looking. 

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Picture of Ayres. Likely wirh  the 1872 Cavalry Officers sword in my grouping. 


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