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SASH Officer Enlisted Unusual Have ?s

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Had this a long time, but just found again after unpacking.  I am out of my area on this and could use some insight.  Is this Civil War era. or earlier/later?  Its silk, measures approx. 86" (end of tassels)  x 3", has some wear and stains (expected).  The interesting part are the tassels. They both have the inner wooden form, but one is larger in diameter than the other.  The larger one measures approx. 9" length, the smaller measures approx. 10" length.  The smaller one has some stitching that has come loose.  They have different end attachments to the sash.  They both look identical except for the diameter, length differences, and sash attachment. Could this have been a period repair where one tassel was lost and repaired with what was available at the time? While researching,  I have not found a sash with two different sized tassels.  Any ideas, input, comments, info. etc.






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